We offer a specialized International Removals service at Mudanzas BCN, which can be conveniently used by individuals or families, whether it is ranging from returning back to your country of origin to fulfilling your business needs. In these recent years, many governments have worked to facilitate the process of importing and exporting personal belongings, in terms of International Relocation.

During this process, the customer should always be properly advised of any necessary documentation, laws and taxes that may apply in that specific country of destination. Mudanzas BCN Internacional is equipped with a team of professionals who specialized in custom matters, and have solidified their experience through great partnerships with companies from different countries of the world to get the best possible service and advice for you, our customer.


International Removals Services

Moving International Maritime

Sea Container Shipping: We ship containers 20 feet, 40 Feet, . We pick up anywhere in Spain and deliver to anywhere in the world. We transport personal vehicles and industrial vehicles.

Ships maritime Shared load:  divide the loads properly onto pallets, shrink-wrap, seal and label loads and place them on wooden cages exclusive for this type of transport.

Moving International Terrestrial

Shipping is done in 20 to 40 feet containers. These are special containers if you are moving furniture to USA that exceeds 15 cubic meters.

Moving to Europe exclusively: Comprehensive moving with direct transport. We adapt to the needs of our customers. All vehicles would be available to the customer.

Moving to Europe in shared load: Dates and times are subject to the schedules determined by the company. This includes all conditions from any moving option. Economical price.

Air Service

International Air Transport: This option is great for shipping urgent packages and boxes or bags. Transit time is 2 days to Europe and approximately 7-10 days to America. Door to door delivery.

Services available

  • Disassembly
  • Assembly
  • Protection of furniture
  • Packing fragile items
  • Door to door service
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance
  • etc…

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